Sveiks! (Hi) Did you know that...
...Sveiks means Hello,Hi?
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Getting Started! (No special fonts required)

Sveiks Some essential words like "please" and "thankyou" and basic greetings.
General information about the latvian language: Similar languages, Genders, use of word endings...
Alphabet Learn the alphabet and about the specially marked letters. Hear examples.
Stuff to do! Online activities. Review and practice the above sections: Listening practice, Quick on-line quizes, Crossword Puzzle

The Next Step! (Latvian Fonts Required)

This section requires that you have fonts installed on your computer that can display the latvian character set. Refer to the How to Use This Site page or the Resources section for more information.
first words Start building a vocabulary:
food, home, family..
grammar tid-bits Some basic information so you can start expressing yourself.
Describe It! Start expressing yourself! Add a few descriptive words and go!